Category Expertise

We have dedicated expertise for each of our contract categories to help you achieve value for money when buying all kinds of products and services. This means that we are also able to work closely with our customers to develop new agreements which meet specific procurement requirements.

Our main products and services categories are:

  • Printers, Photocopiers and MFDs: Consisting of all kinds of printers, photocopiers, scanners, and multi-functional devices (MFDs) which offer a combination of printing functions.
  • ICT: Covering hardware, software, telephone and telecommunications equipment, interactive whiteboards, catering systems, online payment solutions and other ICT managed services.
  • Energy and Fuel: Consisting of electricity, gas, heating and road fuels, energy performance management and related services.
  • Building and Facilities Management: Including an extensive range to cater for all aspects of running and furnishing your building such as cleaning products and services, furniture, grounds maintenance and management.
  • Classroom Resources and Office Supplies: Covering both curriculum resources and products to deliver all subjects of the curriculum along with all kinds of stationery and administrative supplies for office staff.
  • Business and Professional Services: Consisting of HR services, legal and insurance, consultancy, mail room and other services.

We also offer a wide range of other products and services including:

  • Fleet: Consisting of  minibuses, cars, specialist vehicles, maintenance and fuel
  • Food and Catering: Including canned, dried, fresh and frozen foods, catering services, kitchen design and equipment.
  • Furniture: Including fitted and loose furniture for libraries, offices, school departments and catering areas.
  • Social Care: Including disabled adaptations, equipment, telecare and pre-paid cards
  • Waste Management: Including waste, refuse and recycling products

Use our search facility to help you find a specific contract you’re looking for. If you can’t find one to meet a specific need please contact us and we’ll assist you in any way we can.