The EduBuy website has been created with the aim of making it accessible to the widest range of users, regardless of disability or the device they use to view it. The following information will also enable you to access the site in accordance with individual requirements.

Website Sizing/Scale:

If you are experiencing issues with the sizing/scale of the EduBuy website you could try adjusting the ‘zoom’ settings within your web browser:

  • In Internet Explorer: go to View > Zoom and select a percentage
  • In Google Chrome: go to Menu > Zoom and use the – /+ buttons to decrease / increase the size of the website.
  • In Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl and –  OR  Ctrl and +  on the keyboard
  • In Apple Safari: go to Page Menu > Zoom and choose either “Zoom in” or “Zoom out”

Standard size = Ctrl and 0 on your keyboard

Internet Explorer v9 - Zoom Settings

How to adjust browser ‘zoom’ settings in Internet Explorer v9

If, after adjusting your ‘zoom’ settings, you are still experiencing problems with the EduBuy website display; it may be down to your screen’s resolution settings. Please contact your IT department for advice on adjusting your screen resolution.