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  • Building Materials & Associated Managed Services

    Building Materials & Associated Managed Services

    A set of contracts for the supply of building materials including bricks, doors, windows, drainage, electrical products, fixings, flooring, glass, heating, insulation, janitorial supplies, kitchens, l ... read more

  • Buildings – Modular & Temporary

    Buildings – Modular & Temporary

    A contract for the supply of timber and steel framed modular and temporary buildings.

  • Catering Equipment – Commercial

    Catering Equipment – Commercial

    A contract for the provision of commercial catering equipment including cooking, food preparation and washing equipment.

  • Catering Equipment Maintenance (Commercial & Domestic)

    Catering Equipment Maintenance (Commercial & Domestic)

    A contract for the call out of maintenance engineers for the repair and servicing of all types of electrical and gas catering equipment.

  • CCTV Maintenance Services

    CCTV Maintenance Services

    A contract for the supply of CCTV maintenance services and equipment.

  • Cement, Plaster & Plasterboards

    Cement, Plaster & Plasterboards

    A contract for the supply of cement, plaster and plasterboards for general building work.

  • Child Safety Equipment

    Child Safety Equipment

    A contract for the supply of a wide range of child safety equipment and associated products including safety gates, finger traps, play pens, car seats and fire guards.

  • Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services

    A contract offering a fast, low cost method for buying building cleaning services.

  • Compostable Liners & Waste Sacks

    Compostable Liners & Waste Sacks

    A contract for the supply of cornstarch liners, compostable liners, food and garden waste sacks.

  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    A contract providing consultancy services on disciplines such as academy conversion, education and learning, facilities management, food and catering, waste, leisure culture and heritage, health and s ... read more

  • Curtains & Blinds

    Curtains & Blinds

    A contract for the provision of curtains and window blinds, including estimates, measuring, making, fitting and installation where requested.

  • Decorative Paints & Sundries

    Decorative Paints & Sundries

    A contract for the supply of a wide range of paints, varnishes, wood preservers and sundries for all decoration requirements.

  • Disabled Adaptations

    Disabled Adaptations

    A contract for adaptations to accommodate disabled people including access showers, ramps, and building extensions.

  • Electrical Materials

    Electrical Materials

    A contract providing a wide range of electrical cables and materials to choose from for building and works maintenance.

  • Electrical Testing Services (PAT & FIT)

    Electrical Testing Services (PAT & FIT)

    A contract for the inspection and testing of all Portable Appliances (PAT) and Fixed Installations (FIT) requirements in accordance with electrical and wiring legislation.

  • Energy Performance Certification

    Energy Performance Certification

    A contract for the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Assessor Training and Accreditation.

  • ESPO & YPO Catalogues

    ESPO & YPO Catalogues

    View thousands of products from the ESPO and YPO catalogues to meet all of your teaching requirements and the day-to-day running of your establishment.

  • Event & Festival Services & Equipment

    Event & Festival Services & Equipment

    A contract covering the hire, delivery, installation, dismantling and removal of equipment for events and security services.

  • Facilities Management

    Facilities Management

    A contract providing a wide variety of facilities management services such as cleaning, health & safety, mail, reception and security services, building and landscape management encompassing the provi ... read more

  • Fencing (Supply & Installation)

    Fencing (Supply & Installation)

    A contract for the supply of timber fencing and supply & installation of a range of chain link, weldmesh & metal fencing and ancillary products.