How to Use EduBuy

EduBuy gives you a wide choice of compliant contracts in one convenient location. These include fixed price catalogues where you can order direct and ‘framework agreements’ some of which enable you to place call-off orders, and some of which will enable you to run a further competition to determine which supplier from those available can best meet your needs.

How you access each contract will depend on the nature of the products and services, and the partner(s) involved. The contract search tool will help you find the best option to meet your needs and the links provided in the contract search results will give you access to the partners’ websites so you can access detailed information about each contract and read guidance on how to use it.

Some search returns will offer you more than one link to the EduBuy partners. This is for one of two reasons:

  1. Collaboration between the partners – where two or more EduBuy partners have collaborated to develop one joint contract. In this case you need only select one of the links to review the joint contract – for example ‘Photocopiers/Printers (Multi Functional Devices)’.
  2. Separate contracts – where two or more EduBuy partners offer similar, but separate, contracts for the same product/service. In this case you are advised to review each contract to determine which one best meets your requirements – for example ‘Electricity’.

If there is more than one link offered an explanation will be provided.